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Increase Workforce Productivity

Be strategic, maintain compliance, and stay on top of your business information in real-time with our cloud-based HCM Workforce platform called Workforcethrive.

Workforce thrive HR Software

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Move past busy work and focus on what matters most – your employees

Workforcethrive is a suite of powerful tools to help you increase productivity and leverage business information.

Proven Conversion Process
With PayServ’s exclusive thrivesheet analytical project management solution, PayServ is able to achieve a successful implementation of thrive HCM. Using our proprietary tool, clients are able to view progress, interface and communicate with their Launch Manager in one place!
Human Resources

Start Workforce thriving with a secure, easy to use single database solution that contains all employee records.

Time Management
Intuitive and easy-to-use, Workforcethrive’s web-based Time Management solution tracks time, attendance and labor data.
Workforcethrive payroll is simple, smart, accurate and on time. You’ll have quick access to data you need to process payroll correctly, and our system updates in real-time.
Human Capital Management
With Workforcethrive, you have powerful tools to be strategic, maintain compliance, and stay on top of your business information in real-time.
Say goodbye to paperwork and reduce human error. Employees can access the dashboard anytime to enroll or review benefit elections.
Performance and Compensation
Workforcethrive’s web-based Talent Management tools simplify the review, compensation and training process from pre-hire to retire.

Robust, intuitive and secure, Workforcethrive is a complete application

Login from any device anywhere, anytime and access information inside a secure, single database.

Fully united with HR, Benefits, Time Management and Payroll, your HR team can control costs, maintain compliance and improve productivity using a single platform with real-time access. Engage your employees and get their feedback using automated work ows for review processes.

Ready. Set. Launch!

We take a refreshing approach to software implementation so you can go from zero to launch in as little as 10-12 weeks for a full suite. Our proven Momentum™ process along with our friendly and dedicated project team means your organization will experience little disruption from start to go live.
Prepare for implementation, establish project success criteria, and plan the project scope, including guidelines, schedule, risk mitigation, and communications.
Collaborate with your diverse departments to understand their needs, and then work with your core project team to design a consolidated solution that maximizes Workforcethrive’s performance and overall business bene ts.
Build your solution according to your business requirements, a process that includes cofiguring our platform, managing your data migration, designing and implementing connectivity.
Test & Certify
Support your system and integration testing, resolve all critical open items, perform end-user training, and plan for the launch of thrive!
Launch & Support
Assist in your transition from a project oriented, pre-production environment to a successful and live Workforcethrive platform backed by PayServ’s dedicated support team.

Success Stories

  • Company Snapshot

    Employees: 150 and growing

    Industry: Health and Nutrition

    Challenge: Separate Solutions for HR, payroll and time management

    Solution: thrive’s complete HR, Payroll and TLM, plus ACA support

    "thrive has been revolutionary for us. Not only has it given us the ability to connect time management with payroll, but the added bonus of attaching HR to both, so we don’t have to enter data multiple times."

    — Randy McElfresh
    HR Manager
  • Company Snapshot

    Employees: 300+

    Industry: Retail

    Challenge: Integration of applications

    Solution: Single application & database, scheduler, and ACA support

    Customer Since: 2015

    “With thrive there is one login to one database, so everything is simplified. I don’t have to go to different places, once I’m logged in I have instant access to what I need.”

  • Company Snapshot

    Employees: 125

    Industry: Marketing

    Challenge: No HR Software and a lot of Data entry

    Solution: Thrive HCM, Payroll and Timekeeping

    Customer Since: 2017

    “I am now able to setup new hires in advance, this allows them to complete paperwork prior to arriving for their first day. I can now focus on important items like policies and culture!”

    — Tracey Burton

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Companies who have formalized employee engagement programs have 26% higher annual revenue growth than those who don’t. HCM technology returns an average of $9.13 for each $1.00 spent. IInitial implementation of cloud-based HCM solutions can cost 79% less than on premise solutions. Companies experience about 90% in savings for ongoing maintenance.
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