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Zero Talent Required

Ten things that require Zero talent to be successful The most important things about you are not your talent. 1. Courage The ability to do something that frightens one in the face of pain or...

Posted June 23, 2020

Do you even know what you want?

The 5 D’s of Acceptance Intro The quest of my own success understanding others great success The story Of watching my father coach and lead football practice with no footballs in War...

Posted May 14, 2020

What Good is a Crisis Anyways

  Three E’s of a crisis’s (L.O.L.)   Extreme Learning ...Extreme Opportunities ...Extreme Leadership .... What is a crisis ...? A condition of Danger...

Posted April 14, 2020

Fear is a Noun

Fear has one JOB. And that is to keep you safe. Fear is in your brain and is for SURVIVAL. Your brain is made for survival.  Success is in your MIND and your mind is made for success. Fear...

Posted August 07, 2019

3 Do's Leaders Do

1. See Life as it is Who have you influenced in the past 2 days? Who has influenced you? Who is your "Really" person? 2. See Life as it is to Be Vision Vision goggles and vision helpers...

Posted July 24, 2019

It's Always Sunny in Cleveland

“What and how you are being understood, is significantly more important than your wisdom and intentions." -PayServ   From the title, you may think this talk is...

Posted December 23, 2018

Fearlessly Focused

Crazy ninja motorcycle dude - is he a menacing motorcycle rider? Or motivation? His Rules Armored in all leather with black helmet. Never turns the bike but yet it mysteriously weaves and...

Posted November 20, 2018

The Scary About Going Bald

R.I.P I loved my hair. I loved blow drying it. I enjoyed perfectly placing and holding it with hair spray. I was admittedly mister bed head. I loved parting it ever so precisely (it was the...

Posted September 24, 2018

You Can Have Your Plan and Eat it Too

“There is no too soon,AndThere is no too late,In factThere is only now “ I tell my team at PayServ that the formula for success is actually a simple one, and it can apply to your team,...

Posted June 18, 2018

Change your HR culture
experience workforcethrive

Companies who have formalized employee engagement programs have 26% higher annual revenue growth than those who don’t. HCM technology returns an average of $9.13 for each $1.00 spent. Initial implementation of cloud-based HCM solutions can cost 79% less than on premise solutions. Companies experience about 90% in savings for ongoing maintenance.
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