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Do you even know what you want?

The 5 D’s of Acceptance


The quest of my own success understanding others great success

The story

Of watching my father coach and lead football practice with no footballs in War preparation times and my charge and leadership arc never to be the same..

Two core principles of 5 Ds and understanding success

A. The Idea and concept of Natural Laws
Law of Gravity, Law of Electricity, laws of love peace war hate and attraction
B. Conscience thoughts verses SubConscience explanation

How do we get all we want and be ?!

“We are what we think”
“We are exactly what our surroundings are”
“We are a perfect picture of what we think”
“What i am,speaks so loudly that others cant hear what i say “
“Success is a condition not a position”

The process to the system

Dream it .....
Determine it ....
Describe it ......
Define it .......
Draw it ......
(All in the conscience thought)
Plant it .....
(All through the gate keeper conscience into fertile ground the sub conscience)
Accept it....(by thanking for it)
  • We all have the capacity to do anything
  • We have the control of the guardian of the gate keeper the conscience to allow our seeds into the sub-conscience..
Lets not be moons that just reflect ideas, but lets be the radiant sun which creates ideas and creates light....
“ you even know what you want." Lets do this thing called life!!!


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