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Fear is a Noun

Fear has one JOB. And that is to keep you safe.

Fear is in your brain and is for SURVIVAL. Your brain is made for survival. 

Success is in your MIND and your mind is made for success.

Fear thinks you are 5 YEARS OLD.


Fear is as smart as YOU ARE.

Fear is as spiritual as YOU ARE. You can't run or hide from fear. There is only one thing you can do with fear and that is face it.

Fear is mentioned 356 times in the BIBLE.

Success is commonly feared. CAN I DO THIS? CAN I DO THIS AGAIN?

Fear can be INHERITED. Are you a warrior or a wimp? What you feed most will win.

Fear thoughts are always LIMITING.

Fear has many DISGUISES. Fear shows up to us as worry, stress, insecurity, concerns. These are all code words for fear. 

Fear is clearly a LEARNED BEHAVIOR. There are only two innate fears that we are born with. Fear of loud noises and the fear of falling.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Who will run to you in moments of fear?
  • Who can you run to?
  • Who can you go to who will challenge you?
  • Identify that person, build your relationship with that person, thank that person. 

Don't let fear win,


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