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Fearlessly Focused

Crazy ninja motorcycle dude - is he a menacing motorcycle rider? Or motivation?

His Rules
  • Armored in all leather with black helmet.
  • Never turns the bike but yet it mysteriously weaves and curves perfectly orchestral.
  • Never uses the turn signals because there’s no time or reason, why warn the competition of the next move.
  • A supreme tactician moving with no speed governor or concern of limits just a distance.

Through the secretly seen unmarked lane that winds through vehicles cars, RV’s, trucks, and semis which are clearly no match for this effort and mission.

Never even a thought of a cop watching or others who may be trying to get to the same place because only his mission matters.

And when it rains he goes faster….

Never to be found until finally many miles later I finally catch up to him under a rainy stormy overpass hanging with the Harley dudes laughing and carelessly not concerned for any wants because he has arrived safe and dry!

While I look on. As I cautiously white knuckle drive limping along in the impeding rain storm with my wipers and hazard light taunting me!

What’s so interesting, attractive or alluring about him? Am I that person? Should I be that person? Is it ok to be thinking this? Why is racerX ninja in my mind so intensely, and now yours?

I say yes! I love this guy!!! So here we go.

  • Never let’s up 
  • Is Fearlessly Focused
  • Not half speed
  • Just forward and feels the next move 
  • Always goes fast until he can’t quite 
  • About more 
  • Absolute Supreme Tactician

Listen, this little lesson has to speak to you in your own way and where you are at or want to be. And my challenge here is to recognize all things as they are. Was he a menace? Or was he motivating?

I choose motivating. Can you see the motivation from the ninja driver?

  • What’s your mission?
  • What’s your vehicle?
  • Where are you going and how are you getting there?

There are no guarantees in life, my dear friends, so go get it!

I know you can do this Payserv Ninjas. Be FEARLESSLY FOCUSED.

“The only thing guaranteed in this world, is that the next day’s sunrise comes......, or it doesn’t.“



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