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It's Always Sunny in Cleveland

It's Always Sunny in Cleveland
“What and how you are being understood, is significantly more important than your wisdom and intentions."
From the title, you may think this talk is about Cleveland. You make think this talk is about sunshine. You may even think this talk is about business.
You may very well think this is going to be about being inside the corporate walls of a business with its CEO and a nationally recognized speaker spilling forecasting secrets.
Well it is .. and it isn’t.
What we’re talking about is what and how we communicate impacts everything. What is being said, what is being heard, what is being seen, or even what is being transferred in our world of communication.
Only we control those things we say and what is actually heard and only we can be aware of these thoughts by forcing ourselves to think about our communications and truly be purposeful about the process of our asks and answers and our overall message of us and our company in every exchange with a client.
I was in Cleveland on a cold, cloudy, gloomy, overcast dark day with no real chance of sunshine around 3 p.m. as I drove through the city.
I was in a bad mood because I just lost a deal and was feeling lousy about myself and some other areas of my life messes and financial challenges.
I just started talking why me, why this? When will it get better? When is my bounce?
I wish God could just show me He was listening and just give me a sign. I mean just a little something to give me hope.
Help me out here BIG GUY. Just show me the sun or even a few rays of light, and I’ll have Your sign of hope to carry through the day and this moment of despair.  
That’s when it happened. My headlights came on! It got darker, yes it got wetter, it got gloomier - it actually got exponentially worse.
Completely dejected and further frustrated that even God was rejecting me this day, I turned the corner and looked through my “windshield wipers slapping out of tempo keeping perfect rhythm of the song on the radio” only to see this massive billboard sign with a huge yellow sunburst on it advertising sunshine products.  
Wow. Amazing right?!
I asked for a sign and only thought of one way of seeing it, hearing it, or asking for it. But in this case the communication was not on the same wavelength nor were the expectations of the request or the answer. We were looking at “the solve” and “the ask” in two different ways.
How often have you left an exchange of communication bewildered or shaking your head or even just not feeling good? Or worse yet leaving the conversation thinking good expectations had been met to only be completely surprised with a rejection of service the very next day through an email with a condemning tone of communication.
That’s just not acceptable for PayServ because we’re wired differently.“PayServ people are professional at solving problems and communicating in a Present Plentifully Perfectly Purposeful Pleasing Posture." (The 6 P's of Service).
David Kauffman, National Leadership Speaker, shares the following: Emotions of communications and clear effective service purpose of communication control importance.
● Customers always come to you with some kind of emotion.
  Questions to ponder:
       Is their emotion understood?
       Is your emotion understood?
● Good customer service will always change their emotion in one way or another.
  Question to ponder:
        Is your emotion purposeful in the change agent attack?
● As a company we get to decide what emotion customers leave with.
   Question to ponder:
        Is it clear the company’s emotions and your emotions are in line?
● Six things you want your clients to say about your company.
1. They make it very easy to do business with them.
2. They always keep me informed.
3. They are problem solvers.
4. They respect me.
5. They have the best products.
6. I trust them.

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