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You Can't Execute a Plan if You Don't Have One

  1. Decide
    • You must decide to succeed!
    • You must decide to be different!
    • You must decide to finish!

  2. Take Inventory
    • What’s in your quiver?
    • What are your favors?
    • What are your strengths?
    • Most importantly, what are your limitations?
    • Remember… “You can only rise to the level of your greatest weakness!”

  3. Chart Your Course (Plan). Think of putting, bowling and billiards. Consists of - 
  • Long term origins of gains clarity, study prep and strategy
  • Median waypoints set
  • Early success targets (Execute step by step)

Own you...Own your position…own your plan…be an AMABEE!

Amabees are planners, overcomers and finishers! Wannabes are dammers and excuse makers.

We’re PayServ
We’re Amabees
We’re Decision Makers
We’re Planners
We’re Chart Setters
We’re Target Focused
We’re Finishers
We’re an Elite Team of Overcomer's 

Stay the Course PayServ,


Change your HR culture
experience workforcethrive

Companies who have formalized employee engagement programs have 26% higher annual revenue growth than those who don’t. HCM technology returns an average of $9.13 for each $1.00 spent. Initial implementation of cloud-based HCM solutions can cost 79% less than on premise solutions. Companies experience about 90% in savings for ongoing maintenance.
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