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Zero Talent Required

Ten things that require Zero talent to be successful

The most important things about you are not your talent.

1. Courage

The ability to do something that frightens one in the face of pain or grief. It does not take any talent to have courage.

2. Being on time

This takes no talent. Be on time. It sets you apart.

3. Work ethic

Work harder. Work smarter. Work longer. Work more diligently. Work ethic is imperative for your success.

4. Effort

It's not just the efforts we make, but more so the distances we're willing to go. You can't go the distance if you don't start off without effort. It does not take talent to have effort. There is no God-given talent for effort.

5. Body Language

How do you talk with people? Are you just talking to them with your lips or email or texting? How do you present yourself? Are you doubty, slouched, slumping, or are you upright? Showing people how you feel by the way you walk and move and act - this takes no talent. It's the quiet things that you do. The silent things you do. There are things we can do in an email to present ourselves - a simple exclamation point or emoji. Speak to people with your body and face and not just words.

6. Energy

I have zero talent, but I have energy.

7. Attitude

Everything you have in life rises and falls on attitude. There is no substitute for attitude. Attitude requires no talent. It is a separator. It is something you have to make yourself have. If you don't have a good attitude then what do you have to do - change it. Anything you ever think about and do in life will be completely controlled by your attitude.

8. Passion

I want you to understand that zero talent is required for passion. Passion is something that if you don't have it, get out there and find it. 

9. Being coachable

You don't know everything. You're not the smartest guy in the room all the time. Don't be that dude. They're not coachable. They're not malliable. You need to be formable, changeable. Open. When I landed on the idea of It's Our Culture, at the end of the day, when you grasp the PayServ and Wired Differently culture, our culture is the fact that we have overcome our innate culture, meaning we have become a little malliable. We have opened our eyes and realized that others have great ideas. 

10. Doing extra

It takes no talent whatsoever to do something extra. 

Bonus: Faith

It probably should be number one, but I wanted to book end this with Courage and Faith. This one is probably the hardest zero talent. But I'm telling you my friends, if you can master faith, if you can master courage, and these other zero talents, what an amazing zero talent person you would be! Grab these, use them. 

Zero talents run the world.

Go the Distance PayServ,





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