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FFCRA Update: Resources and Solutions

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Hello Valued Client Partners! 

PayServ Systems, Inc. has been working vigorously with Kronos and our other partners to ensure that we’ve interpreted and understood the many components of the FFCRA.  It is through those efforts that we come to you with these resources and an offer to assist.

Please visit our Service Readiness Team page and click on the Coronavirus Resources Button, where you will find Configuration Guides you can use to configure your WorkforceTHRIVE application to comply with the existing guidelines for the FFCRA Paid Sick Time and Extended Paid Leave Provisions.

PayServ has added the below earnings codes at the “Service Bureau” level and can apply them to your database upon request.  These codes will allow you to manage the payments and subsequent credits derived from the FFCRA Provisions.

  • FFCRA Family Leave 10 Days
  • FFCRA Sick Leave 10 Days
  • FFCRA FMLA 10 Weeks

If you utilize TLM, Accruals and Payroll and wish to configure the system beyond the earnings codes and develop a full solution including Electronic Employee Requests, Balance Tracking and Electronic Approvals, the attached configuration guides walk you through the steps of the set up.

If you do not have the time to manage this configuration yourself, PayServ Systems, Inc. will provide the service on your behalf at a discounted rate of $195 per Client and include the following:

TLM Deliverables
  • Create Counters for:
    • 12 Week Emergency Leave at ⅔ rate of pay with rate multiplier called Emergency Family and Medical Leave (EFML)
    • 10 day Emergency Paid Sick Leave at full pay with rate multiplier called Emergency Paid Sick Leave Full Pay (ESPL_Full Pay)
    • 10 day Emergency Paid Sick Leave at ⅔ pay with rate multiplier called Emergency Paid Sick Leave Two-Thirds Pay (EPSL_Two Thirds Pay)
  • Set rule at Timesheet Profile level to Error if the time off exceeds balance.
Accrual Deliverables
  • Create Emergency Family and Medical Leave time off code
  • Create Emergency Paid Sick Leave time off code with the following children:
    • Self Care (Regular Rate)
    • Care of a spouse, child, or parent (Two-Thirds Regular Rate)
  • Since these are used by employees already on time off the time off codes will be set so employees cannot request the time off.  It must be added by a Manager/Administrator
  • Counters added to time off codes per TLM Deliverables
  • Create Accrual Profile Rules
    • Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (FT)
    • Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (PT) - if applicable
  • Run and update accruals for Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act
  • Part Time Employees - 
    • Add and run the COVID-19 report provided by Kronos that averages the last 6 months of hours per week for employees and calculates PT accrual for the emergency leave.
    • Import hours into Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (PT) buckets and spot check balances.

If you are interested in partnering with PayServ to configure this full solution, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Support Person.

Thank you for your continued Partnership.  We will be providing more information when available regarding the CARES Act. plus any final regulations for the FFCRA and other items that may arise.


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