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FFRCA: Initial Guidelines Released

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The DOL has released initial guidelines for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).  

We have summarized some of the points below and provided valuable resource links for your convenience. The DOL has stated that they will be making “Rolling Updates” to their guidelines.  PayServ Systems, Inc. will be making every attempt to keep you abreast of this liquid situation and, of course, be your partner to help you through the implementation of your strategies.

Effective Date
  • 4-1-20 until 12-31-20 when the law expires.
    • The law stated that it would take effect within 15 days of its execution date, but the DOL has backed it up from 4-2-20 to 4-1-20
Which Employers must abide?
  • Employers with 500 EE’s or below
    • Some Exemptions for companies with less than 50 EE’s
Method of Employee Count Calculation
  • A true count to include:
    • Full Time Employees
    • Part Time Employees
    • Employees on a LOA
    • Jointly Employed Temp Employees (Determined by FLSA Rules)
For Employers with multiple Fed ID’s
  • Employers can use the FLSA “Joint Employer Test” and the FMLA “Integrated Employer Test” to determine if their different employee groups can be combined to determine eligibility.
  • A notice must be prominently displayed at common areas of your facility
  • If employees are working from home, the notice can be:
    • Mailed to the EE’s Home
    • Emailed to the EE’s Work Email Address
    • Posted to an applicable Web Site or Web Based employee Information System. 

Feel free to reach out to your Dedicated Customer Service person to arrange for the below poster to be made available to your employees through our Workforcethrive HCM solution.

Thank you again for your continued Partnership!

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Helpful Links

Employer Fact Sheet

Employee Fact Sheet



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