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PayServ Service Excellence Update: PPP Loan and COVID Strategies

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Hello Valued Client Partners!

We hope that you’re seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and are preparing for the best but bracing for more speed bumps along the way.  We’ve seen general employee count increases for the past 3 weeks across the Partner Base which is great news for all. 

Here at PayServ, we’ve also been hiring to account for the additional demand of our current and new clients.  Expect to hear some new voices and see some more friendly faces as we work together through these times.

In this update, our Service Readiness Team (SRT) will be focusing on transitioning your PPP Loan into a forgiven Grant as well as making you aware of some of our capabilities to help address the the changing business climate we’re all maneuvering.

PPP Loan Forgiveness

The Link Below will take you to the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application from the SBA.

SBA Form 3508 Control Number 3245-0407

While this form requires a myriad of information, there is obviously plenty of Payroll Data which we can assist you with pulling together.

  • On the Loan Forgiveness Application, please pay particular attention to the “Covered Period” and “Alternative Payroll Covered Period” components.  The Alternative Payroll Covered Period would allow the 8 week (56 day) period to begin on the first day of the pay period following the PPP Disbursement Date.
  • Data Components PayServ may be able to assist with you:
    • Employees at time of loan application
    • Employees at time of forgiveness application
    • Payroll Schedule
    • Payroll and Non Payroll Costs:
      • Line 1:  Payroll Costs
    • Adjustments for FTE
      • Line 5:  Total Salary / Hourly Wage Reduction
    • PPP Schedule A Worksheet, Table 1
    • PPP Schedule A Worksheet, Table 2
  • Documents that each borrower must submit with it’s PPP Loan Forgiveness Application:
    • PayServ offers many reports that should meet these requirements.  While the 2-Q 941’s would be available on or before 7-25, “Equivalent Reports”  can be run from our system.  Examples like Check Registers with EE and ER totals, Tax Wage Detail Reporting, etc. can be run to meet these requirements in advance of your 941’s being available.

For additional details, please see the attached PPP User Guide.

Additional Services / Capabilities to assist with the changing business climate

We have been working with our clients on many different COVID strategies.  Some have been looking at “Touchless” employee time punching, others have been distributing updated policies and still others have been requesting health questionnaires offered to employees at the start of each work day.  Below are a few features / services that may be able to help.  If you’d like to discuss any of these options, please feel free to reach out to your Named Customer Service Representative or Sam Fessenden at

  • Touchless Employee Punching
    • PayServ, in conjunction with Kronos, offers many different employee punching options:
      • Facial Recognition through an App
      • Proximity Badge Based Time Clocks (RFID)
      • Card Swipe with Photos taken of the employee at the time of the punch
      • GPS Punching through personal smart phones
      • Bulk Hours Entry through personal smart phones
  • Health Questionnaires at the start of day
    • Kronos’s “Attestation Module” currently allows employees to be prompted to answer questions at the end of their shift to support CA and other labor laws.  We are expecting a release later this month which would allow for “Custom Triggers” where a questionnaire could be prompted at the beginning of the work day.  This functionality would only be available through specific time clock models or the Mobile App.
    • We also have several other mechanisms that can be brought to bear to help solve this challenge.
  • Updated Policy Distribution
    • With the HR Module, our client partners can set up custom check lists, HR Actions and other utilities to ensure that employees can access updated forms and documents, complete, approve and submit them securely and always auditable.
  • Text Messaging
    • Recently, Kronos has partnered with Twillio and unified their Text Messaging Capabilities into Workflows and notifications.  (You may have seen this in prior release notes) 
  • Back to Work Incentives and their FLSA implications
    • Within HR, the old adage of “No Good Deed Goes Un-Punished” is still alive and well.  As you’re constructing any bonus or incentive structures to support your back to work strategies, be sure to keep in mind the Non-Discretionary obligations to your OT calculations and blended rates.

Thank you for your continued Partnership.  We hope that PayServ has demonstrated our commitment to Service Excellence through these challenging times.  As you approach the coming challenges, please remember that our Concierge Services are available to actually take work off of your plate.  We’d be happy to engage with you to complete custom reports, provide advanced configurations, etc. 

If you have any suggestions regarding how we could better assist you, please don’t keep it a secret.  Let us know or comment on your exit surveys through Support Bench.

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