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PayServ Service Excellence Update: Federal Vaccine Mandate

Hello valued Client Partners!

On November 4th, OSHA released it’s long anticipated ETS (Emergency Temporary Standards) regarding the national vaccine mandate.  As your HCM Technology support partner, we understand that these provisions will more than likely require enhanced guidance and configuration within your WorkforceTHRIVE platform to achieve compliance.

The purpose of this communication is to:
  1. Provide initial interpretation of the broader provisions within this mandate
  2. Provide initial guidance regarding system capabilities to support those broad provisions
  3. Defer more specific configuration guidance until OSHA releases:
    1. Sample Implementation Plans
    2. Additional Guidelines
    3. Fact Sheets to aid employers in adopting the new rules.
Initial Interpretations
  • Vaccine Mandate applies to businesses with 100 or more employees
  • All unvaccinated employees must begin wearing masks at the workplace by December 5th, 2021
  • All Employees must be fully vaccinated by 1-4-2022.
    • 2 shots of Pfizer or Moderna
    • Single Shot of Johnson and Johnson
  • Those employees who are not fully vaccinated by 1-4-22 must provide negative COVID test results (weekly or more frequently) to be able to work on premise.
  • Employers are not required to pay for the tests unless otherwise mandated by State or Local regulations.
  • Employers must provide Paid Time Off (PTO) for their employees to receive the vaccine or recover from any vaccine related side effects.
Initial Guidance (Assuming use of the HR Module)
  • Please see below link to UKG Ready “6 Steps on Preparing Yourself for Vaccine Mandates…”
  • The first step would be to identify Which of your employees are vaccinated and to track / report / graph this information.
    • Skills or HR Custom Fields can be used to track this information per the above guidelines.  This information can be entered by employee and then reported / graphed to provide “To the Minute” updates regarding the vaccination status of each employee.
  • The next step is to then track COVID testing results for those unvaccinated employees.
    • WorkforceTHRIVE users can set up a training / certification course that expires weekly.
    • This information can also create “Alerts” regarding expiration of the “Certification” and also be reported / graphed on your dashboards.
  • How can WorkforceTHRIVE gather Vaccine, COVID test results and other information in an automated way?
    • Gathering Vaccine Status or even COVID test results can be accommodated through HR Actions and Custom Forms.  Attachments can also be added if the employee is providing vaccine cards or actual test results.
  • As providing PTO to your employees to receive the vaccine and recover from any of it’s potential side effects, a new PTO code can be added to track this information.
    • A new Time Off Type can be created and tied to a specific earnings code to ensure the employee is compensated for their time.
  • Finally, communication is key and there are a variety of ways to accomplish this.
    • Whether it’s your COVID Vaccine Policy or it’s a mandatory OSHA communication, WorkforceTHRIVE users can:
      • Post this information through the Company HUB
      • Set up new Announcements
      • Provide Broadcast Messaging
      • Even “Push Notifications”.

The link above provides some additional links you may find valuable in the “Supporting Resources” section.

We will send additional communications as OSHA and other valid sources provide further guidance. 

As this mandate has several carveouts for workers who perform job functions out doors and Federal contractors, we encourage each of our clients to seek outside counsel regarding how this mandate will impact your individual business.  Just know that PayServ will “Go the Distance” for each of you and help guide you through this new mandate.

If you have any suggestions regarding how we could better assist you, please don’t keep it a secret.  Let us know, comment on your exit surveys through Support Bench or call me directly – 260-433-2601.

Best Regards,

Todd Saylor | CEO | Vision and Action Leader

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