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Introducing Our Service Readiness Team

SRT Organization Mission Statement

The Service Readiness Team was formed as an Executive Level unit at PayServ Systems, Inc. to “Seek, Interpret and Act” as critical events unfold that impact our Client Partners.

PayServ Systems, Inc.’s SRT team is made up of three Senior Leaders of our functional groups:

-Heather David, CFO

-Todd Trent, VP of HCM Services

-Sam Fessenden, EVP

SRT Functions

The SRT’s first priority is to “Seek” information that has the potential to impact out Client Partners. We accomplish this through many mechanisms that include but are not limited to:

-In-House Expertise

-Legal Advisors

-Topical Thought Leaders

-Tax Advisors / Auditors

-Technology Advisors

-Many Web Based / Subscription services providing Legislative, Regulatory or Trend updates

As new information is made available, during scheduled weekly meetings, or on an as needed basis, the SRT “Interprets” this information and decides how it may impact our client partners.

During these discussions, it’s not uncommon to bring in Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to lend their expertise.

The final responsibility of the SRT is to then “Act” on these items that impact our Client Partners. Depending on the level of relevance or the impact on our Client Partners PayServ Systems, Inc. will then take action in a variety of ways:

-Communicate with our internal stakeholder (Operational Support, Professional Services / Implementation, Tax and Banking, Sales, etc.)

-Test additional or new system configuration or Build / alter an existing process required to support the event

-Communicate with our Client Partners based on the best information available

-Implement the solutions required by our client partners thoughtfully, taking into consideration their unique builds and requirements

SRT Communications Protocol

Constant and Thorough internal communication is critical when addressing an event that affects a large number of our Client Partners. Alternatively, Tempered and Precise communication with our Client Partners is also critical so as not to add to the “White Noise” of the digital world. PayServ System Inc’s SRT is dedicated to:

-Educating our Staff and keeping them abreast of the changing legislative landscape through our internal collaboration tools and scheduled meetings

-Educating our Client Partners

--When merited, Direct Emails to our “System Administrators” identified within our system

--Login “Push” notifications through our Workforcethrive HCM Platform

--Enhanced Case Categorization through our “Support Bench” CRM system

--Additional Webinars beyond our successful “Work Smarter Webinar Series” that will hone in on specific events or legislative items

In closing, we’re privileged to support your critical Payroll, Time and HCM needs through both smooth and turbulent waters. As your partner, we’re here to go the distance for you and value your partnership.

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