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Everything Starts with HR

Workforcethrive is a secure, easy to use single database solution that contains all employee records. With Workforcethrive, all of your employee information is in one place. No need to enter data into multiple systems. Your team can simplify and automate the entire employee lifecycle within a single cloud-based application.

With Workforcethrive HR

HR becomes a more strategic part of your organization. HR unifies with Payroll and Time and Attendance for a seamless solution.
Quickly and securely consolidate employee information into one system of record with automated processes so you can grow your workforce and connect more with your employees. Login from the office or at home and get real-time visibility and gain workforce insights to leverage decision-making. Stay on top of the Affordable Care Act and other compliance needs like OSHA and EEO Reporting.

Employee Perspectives

Employee Perspectives allows your organization to create at-a-glance views, known as “scorecards”, of employee performance, productivity and engagement. Use the Scorecards to evaluate employee reliability, performance, happiness, or risk of flight. Workforcethrive tracks employee data and metrics across a wide range of categories (payroll, time and labor, performance, disciplinary actions, etc.), allowing for insights that are completely custom to the Key Employee Metrics that are the most meaningful to your business. For example, a reliability score might be calculated based on how many times an employee clocked in late or early and how many absences the employee has.

Employee Perspective Scorecards are constantly updated with live system data, giving full visibility to executives, frontline managers, and even employees to make more informed decisions regarding employee performance.

Succession Planning

Plan for both the foreseen and unexpected with a Succession Plan. Without a well defined plan - a successful organization can fail quickly if it loses one or more of its leaders.

Workforcethrive’s "Succession Planning Profiles" bring your employee data together into graphical Succession Dashboards for quick and easy succession tracking. Manage readiness, potential, retention risk and impact of loss for key employees and their potential replacements.

Combine Workforcethrive’s Succession Profiles with Performance Development Goals and Employee Perspectives Engagement Scores to see the full picture of your workforce performance, development and planning.

Manage Your Workforce Better

Simpilfy your organizational structure with Position Management. Always know where you stand on available positions and staffing requirements. Create and modify jobs and pay grades. Assign position codes. Manage your labor budget and funding allocations. No need for spreadsheets because HR and Payroll are combined. 

The Right Tools To Hire Great People

Modern recruiting tools allow your HR team to easily track candidates throughout your customized hiring processes. Online job applications with social integration give applicants a 21st century experience and set your organization apart. Configure applicant communications, which are trigged automatically though the thrive platform to establish company culture from the start.

Make A Great First Impression

Automated onboarding checklists prepare your team for new hires and allow HR to easily manage form submittals. With Self Service, employees complete everything from statutory I9’s and W4’s to custom forms like employee handbook acknowledgements.

Streamline Benefits for You and Your Employees

Online benefits administration tools save time and costs while eliminating paper and reducing errors. Make Open Enrollment super simple with self service, eligibility filters, benefit dependencies and auto-reminders to ensure enrollment is completed accurately and on time. Employees can access their benefits dashboard anytime to review or make changes to their elections due to life change events. Unified benefits allows for accurate and timely payroll deductions and simple HR & ACA compliance.

Maintain Compliance

Run reports and populate necessary forms for new hires, Equal Employment Opportunity, Vets 100 and OSHA. Enjoy built-in workflows for filing forms like I9’s and W4’s. All data is stored securely in the cloud. Historical forms and reports can be accessed anywhere, anytime and printed on demand.

Review, Retain and Reward High-Performing Employees

Using an automated, multi-tier Performance Review process, HR can evaluate employees and employees can review their own performance. View Compensation history, use planning tools and salary controls, set budgets and more.

Trainings and Certifications are Job-Specific

Customizable notifications can be set up so automatic reminders are sent to HR and employees when trainings or certifications are due for completion or renewal.

Leave Management is Simplified

Keep track of employee time off accurately and avoid scheduling errors. Determine employee FMLA entitlement with a single click. Employees can easily evaluate when events qualify them for medical leave by completing thrive’s built-in leave questionnaire.

The Benefit Bridge

Every payroll, employee benefit data is automatically sent to insurance carriers and retirement plan vendors, so no need for manual entry or file upload to your vendors. Our benefit bridge can even take care of COBRA administration and communication as part of your termination workflows.

The Marketplace

Easily accessible through our platform, this is the place you can select integrated add-on applications to expand functionality and cover additional workforce management needs, like expense reporting and background screenings.

Change your HR culture
experience workforcethrive

Companies who have formalized employee engagement programs have 26% higher annual revenue growth than those who don’t. HCM technology returns an average of $9.13 for each $1.00 spent. Initial implementation of cloud-based HCM solutions can cost 79% less than on premise solutions. Companies experience about 90% in savings for ongoing maintenance.
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